About Us

It’s all about BOATS……..

The germ of Indiaboats.in was born with a vision to revolutionise and simplify the way the Pleasure Boating &Yachting Industry functions by bringing the fragmented industry on a single platform. The task ahead then, for a professionally managed company like ours is to create organisation and structure – a feature that until now has evaded this industry. We are here not only to empower the client with instant booking and comprehensive choices of different kind of Boats & Yachts Charters from various service providers but also to bring about a positive change with transparency in rates, services, and standardisation of policies.

Indiaboats.in, an online platform brought to you by Aquartia Pvt. Ltd., is a one-stop shop for all your Boating and Yachting requirements. Indiaboats.in will offer an array of services under one umbrella from chartering a boat/Yachts to buying and selling of boats/Yachts, equipment, and services.

We at Indiaboats.inconstantly strive at providing the clients with the best customer experience and our products and services can be customised to suitany occasion, budget and guest list. all at one place thus ensuring the client complete peace of mind.

At, Indiaboats.in we endeavour to deliver the best of services and will constantly keep upgrading to add more boats/Yachts, destinations and services to make it a memorable experience. The Support Team at Indiaboats.in is here to assist you and shall strive to respond with a sense of professionalism and transparency. You can always stay in touch with us via email, customercare@indiaboats.in and we will be glad to be at your service.